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Feel Free to download these songs. And find links to my older stuff :) Over 100 Older tracks here >>Acid Planet  And some Newstuff also on Last Fm > Last Fm


You have to wait. ( House ) Long build up tune.

Download 06 You have to wait.mp3

Thousand Firework

Beat type track, with main hitting synths from my korgs,

Download thousand Firework.mp3

Fox has a Tail.

One of my faster type trance songs.

Download 7 Fox has a tail.mp3

Evil Mantra

Evil synth Break beat techno track. Soon to have vocals from electrocat.

Download Evil Mantra.mp3

Harder they come harder they fall.

Upbeat trance techno style from me.

Download 04 Harder they come harder they fall.mp3

Revs per minute

Very synth driven track here. hard beat.

Download 02 Revs per minute.mp3

Dream the night away,.

Downtempo slow dance track here, with mood synths

Download 08 dream the night away.mp3

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