I'm martin Music Name Fox Techno,

How it all started.

I first got into making and liking music, playing it was when i was a very young kid in my old house, and all i had then was an air organ keyboard, witch i used to play stupid melodies and such just hitting the keys. And then i got an Yamaha mini keyboard with a few built in tunes, and different sounds and such. I did actually make stupid songs on this and recorded them onto cassette tapes, made about 3 cassette tapes worth, And even used to subject the tunes to my old mate when we did sleep overs and such and used to annoy him with them. Ive got about 4 songs left on a cassette tape somewhere i think, most of the others got recorded over from different songs of the radio, probably mostly dance music. Then finally in 1998 in official PlayStation magazine they give you demo discs of games and preview videos of upcoming games, and on one in that year the game Music was on it, they only gave you an few melodies and 30 seconds of making a song, but this is how i got started properly i even made a whole cassette tape full of the 30 seconds songs . { still got the tape somewhere.}

Ps1 Music and music 2000

Then after summer it got released at last called Music On the Ps1. I really liked playing this. The game got so much-ed used that it stopped working properly with so many scratches on the playing side. I had made 6 cassette tapes worth of music before the disc gave up working, There all on cdr now. I haven't got any of them on the Internet though. Then in 2000 Music 2000 got released on Ps1. This was much better than Music, had better sound quality and such, even had a CD burner so you could get about 30 secs worth of music of an normal CD. witch i used loads, and still do to get sounds and such for my korg equipment. I made at least 20 Cd's worth of music and even my old next door friend made a few songs. I really got used to the controls on this, i streamed through it.

And Ejay. And Yamaha djx ll

I made so many songs on that ps1 game, i still listen to them now there all on my Mp3 player and laptop. And you can find loads of them on here's an link. ON PAGE 2. Most of the older songs are on that page. Some are new stuff of korg and such though. I also have an had , ejay club-world. And made quite a few songs from that, sounded more up to beat than music 2000. And MTV music generator. This was quite good and fun i also bought an microphone with this, and got sounds and different things to put into the tunes i made. And even my old mate, ,  He made some funny little tunes from it with the microphone, and when i went round his house i listened to it , we where cracking up with his voice high pitched with an song called ugly cat. and another song called Resistance is futile, i remixed that song its still quite good now. I did buy music 3000 but only made 3 songs on that, but i couldn't get used to it, But then i got my Yamaha djx keyboard. That really sounded like proper dance music then, But was very hard to master, took me some time to get used to it. And i made 5 cassette tapes worth of music, now on CD. Most of my chill-out and ambient tunes came of here, Here's an sample,  Well as making songs on here at the same time i was still making song on ejay and music 2000. Then about 3 years ago. I finally got my korg electribe mx, from andertons, my first major music station.
I now have a Quite a few songs of DJX on youtube now >> Youtube profile

Korg electribes MX and SX

Now this had absolutely loads to master. with all the buttons controls and switches and stuff. On this equipment you can plug into computer , connect to my Yamaha keyboard, by midi and other korg equipment. plus got an audio plug in, so i can use my voice or any other sample.This has made me loads of songs on them now scine 2005 2006 And some very pulsing techno tunes and such. 



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